Hotel Excelsior Beograd was constructed in 1921 and opened on March 15th 1924. Initially, it was intended for a clinic of Dr. Jovan Jovanovic, but during the construction it was re-projected into a hotel. The construction project is attributed to architects from Vienna.
Due to historical and political occurrences, the Hotel was used for many different things. During World War II it housed the German General Staff, and from 1945 – 1948 it was used to accommodate the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry. It was only returned to its original function in 1948 when it changed ownership, from private hands to an ownership by employees. The Hotel has been privatized in February 2008.

During the time it has been in operation, the Hotel Excelsior Belgrade has been characterized by tradition of excellence and good service.

Before World War II it hosted many celebrities and respectable guests, including Josephine Baker. The Hotel was also used for lengthier stays by many famous authors – Nobel Prize winner Ivo Andrić (who lived in the hotel from March 1933, while he worked as an Adviser and later as the Chief Secretary of the Foreign Ministry, as well as the editor of the Serbian Literary Magazine), Miloš Crnjanski, Vasko Popa – and famous athletes, actors, singers and other figures in the public eye.

Due to Hotel Excelsior’s proximity to the Royal Palace and the National Parliament, foreign and domestic statesmen, presidents of states and governments, princes and princesses were frequent guests around the mid XX century.